What experience do you have as an athlete and coach?

I was a competitive tumbler and trampolinist for nine years, an All-Star Cheerleading for three years, and a West High Varsity Cheerleading for four years. I have been coaching tumbling and trampoline for five years and All-Star cheer for three years.


What classes are you currently teaching at TNT?

I coach two of our All-Star teams: Dynamites and Detonators. I also coach tumbling classes and one recreational cheer class.


What is your favorite skill to coach?

My favorite skill to coach is a backhand spring because once an athlete gets this skill there are so many possibilities to keep learning. Also, every time an athlete finally gets it by themselves you can see the excitement they have and they just want to keep going!


What does “TNT Mean to Me?”

TNT means being able to go to a job that I enjoy and not considering it work because I enjoy it so much. Coaching is the best job I could possibly ask for and being able to coach something I am so passionate about is a wonderful bonus.  As a child growing up doing cheer, I always wanted to be able to help kids accomplish more than I did. Being a coach gives me the ability to help kids do exactly that.


What are you Goals for 2014-15 season of rec or competitive

My goal for the 2014-15 competition season is for the teams to perform to the best they can be and to meet all the goals they have set for themselves for the season.


What piece of advice do you have for TNT Cheer members?

Always follow your dreams. If something doesn’t go as planned at first, try again. Everything will eventually work out!


How about a fun fact to share with the world?

I love to take adventures and try new things.  Anything that pushes me past my comfort zone such as jumping off a cliff in the Ozarks, which I did this past summer.