What experience do you have as an athlete and coach?

I have 10 years of competitive power tumbling and trampoline and nine years of coaching power tumbling and trampoline. I cheered on an All-Star team for five years as well as cheering in high school. I have been coaching competitive cheerleading for five years.

What classes are  you currently teaching at TNT?

I am currently coaching the Sparklers Mini Level 1 team.

What is your favorite skill to coach?

My favorite skill to coach is anything stunting. I love strength, trust, and accomplishment involved, and that has always been my favorite part of cheerleading.

What does “TNT Mean to Me?”

To me, TNT is a family. It is a place where any and all athletes can come to learn skills, build character, create friendships and feel loved and accepted. TNT is the dream I had while competing myself. It’s my chance to share my knowledge with the youth of the Cedar Valley.

What are you Goals for 2014-15 season of rec or competitive

My goals for the 2014-15 season are that my cheerleaders would leave every practice feeling accomplished and good about themselves and their team and to accomplish the team goals we made together at the beginning of the season.

What piece of advice do you have for TNT Cher members?

When learning new skills, trust yourself, trust your coaches, and trust your teammates! Have confidence in your abilities and know your coaches will not ever ask you to do anything that you cannot accomplish. Always remember why you cheer. I hope it is because you love it and you have fun doing it. Try not to get caught up in the practices, competitions, and pressure; remember to have fun!

How about a fun fact to share with the world?

I love traveling and have made it a goal in my life to get to at least six of the seven continents – possibly excluding Antarctica. I have been to Canada, Aruba, The Bahamas, Ecuador, Ireland, England, and Kenya, meaning I have only Asia and Australia left!