What experience do you have as an athlete and a coach?

For 10 years, I danced with the Just For Kix team in St. Ansgar, Iowa, took gymnastic lessons in Minnesota, and cheered on my football and basketball teams all four years of high school with my all-girl squad in my hometown of Riceville, Iowa. Now, I am currently on the UNI cheerleading squad as a Co-ed flyer.


What classes are you currently teaching at TNT?

This is my first year coaching. At TNT, I coach K-5 recreational cheer, intermediate hip-hop and the flexibility, strength and conditioning classes.


What are you favorite skills to coach?

My favorite skill to teach is flyer drills and skills because I get to share the things I have learned from my previous years cheering.


What are your goals for 2014-15 rec or competitive?

My goal as a rec cheer coach is to give the athletes skill and passion so they can participate in a competitive squad.


What piece of advice do you have for TNT cheer members?

Some advice for the TNT athletes is to take advantage of all the different classes that are offered…IN ONE LOCATION! I had to take dance classes in one town, gymnastics in another, and cheered in my hometown. I never got the opportunity to cheer competitively and I wish I would have. These opportunities are what girls all over strive for and I encourage you all to take full advantage of them.


 How about a fun fact to share with?

A fun fact about myself is the TNT cheer colors are also my favorite colors!