What experience do you have as an athlete and coach?

I cheered on an All-Star team for three years, school cheer for three years, and I’ve been on the Cedar Falls competitive team for two years. I have Assistant Coached at TNT for one year and WTT Cheer for two years. This is my first year coaching the Sparklers team.


What classes are you currently teaching at TNT?

I am coaching the Sparklers on Sundays.


What are your favorite skills to coach?

I like to teach tumbling – mostly back handsprings to backflips.


What does “TNT mean to me?”

TNT means a lot to me. It is like my second family and I can always count on the other coaches and athletes to cheer me up when I am down!


What are your goals for 2014-15 rec or competitive?

I want everyone on a competitive team to give it their all during practice and performances and I would love for all our teams to get first!


What piece of advice would you have for TNT cheer members?

Be supportive of all kids and all the teams! 🙂


How about a fun fact to share with?

I love animals and I hate bugs!