What experience do you have as an athlete and a coach?

I have been a trampolinist for 10 years, beginning at age nine. I was in All-Star Cheer for five years. This is my second year coaching the mini and youth age group and boy am I loving every minute of it!


What classes are you currently teaching at TNT?

I am currently co-coaching the Sparkers mini level 1 and the Rockets youth 1 in the All-Star program. I also coach rec cheer and hip hop on Tuesdays.


What are you favorite skills to coach?

My favorite skill to coach is a basic prep cradle as this skill is most fun when you are beginning your cheer journey. Kids of any age generally are so pumped after doing this for the first time. As a coach you can really see excitement in the athletes’ eyes when they begin to understand stunts and the art of power tumbling.


What does “TNT mean to me?”

TNT is a second home for me and many other athletes. It is a great place to power your potential and see exactly what you are capable of. Even as a coach I am encouraged by everyone to do the best that I can and help the athletes develop new and desired skills. It’s a great place to thrive as it’s a wonderful positive and encouraging atmosphere!


What are your goals for 2014-15 rec or competitive?

My goal is that after every completion I see growth and improvement.  I believe that it’s not where you start but the hard work and dedication that will give you your end results. I would love to see that in my athletes. For my rec classes I would again love to see growth and improvement.  In the end though, I really want my girls to have fun, make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Even if their memories are making fun of their crazy coaches, just kidding!


What piece of advice do you have for TNT cheer members?

My advice here at TNT would be to never to give up! Flexibility and the muscles it takes to power tumble won’t come overnight. However they will come if you are willing to stick with it. Working hard for a skill only makes it that much sweeter when you get your first back spring or finally get that scorpion!


 How about a fun fact to share with?

I am in the last semester of getting my LPN (licensed practical nurse). I will ultimately get my RN in hopes that I can become a traveling nurse. My goal is to go where I am needed most in the world. I, like many coaches here at TNT, love traveling and would love to travel and join that with my nursing background.